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    For 2 years they explore tendencies, design, model, experiment with fabrics and textures and the collection gains form.
    Now it’s the moment to proudly present it and leave behind the long hours at the atelier and the exhaustion after a lot of dedication!

    Afonso Sousa, Ana Beatriz Araújo, Ana Luiza Botelho, Ana Sofia Videira, Beatriz Cardoso, Beatriz Vieira, Patrícia Madeira, Thomas Branco and Sara Vidinha finished the course in Fashion Design – Higher Nationals, and have ahead of them a world of opportunities to conquer with talent and a lot of work.

    The lookbooks are the result of a photographic production made with the Photography course finalist students: Maria Lorenzo, Tamara Silveira, Júlia Ribeiro and Rui Teixeira Alves and counted with the support of the agency DXL Models, with the models Christian Pablo, Yasmeen Leah, Gabrieli Martins, Lynn Chang. A great thank you to all the team!

    Afonso Sousa
    “SUBMERSO” – fusion of 70’s Japanese aesthetics with a contemporary silhouette, it’s a collection with no gender or age, with oversize design for more flexibility.
    Photography: Rui Teixeira Alves – Model: Christian Pablo/DXL Models.

    Ana Beatriz Araújo
    SAKURA – inspired on Japan-Brazil emigration triangle and, under the backbone “adaptation”, it uses the textile manipulation and “drapping” techniques to convey it’s message.
    Photography:  Tamara Silveira and Maria Lorenzo – Model: Lynn Chang/DXL Models.

    Ana Luiza Botelho
    DESORDEM – The chaos – nature balance: the repetition and visible extension on the volumes that result in distortions. Reality vs utopia and disorder.
    Photography: Júlia Ribeiro – Model: Gabrieli Martins /DXL Models.

    Ana Sofia Videira
    NEOWISE – Futuristic Universe, dystopian, inspired on the film Blade Runner (1982). The anonymity, by opposition to technological evolution that doesn’t lose the ability to feel.
    Photography: Rui Teixeira Alves – Model: Christian Pablo/DXL Models.

    Beatriz Cardoso
    GLITTER BALL- A journey to the 80’s disco culture, to freedom and to individualism. The rule breaking, free silhouettes and fit clothes that enhance femininity.
    Photography: Rui Teixeira Alves – Model: Yasmeen Leah/DXL Models.

    Beatriz Vieira
    MUNDO DA LUA – The affirmation of the creativity of the style of each woman and her power. The union of Streetstlye and Romantic for influential women, with no fear to take risks.
    Photography:  Tamara Silveira and Maria Lorenzo – Model:  Gabrieli Martins / DXL Models.

    Patrícia Madeira
    TAUROMANIA – Dichotomy City-Countryside: the cultural references of the region of Ribatejo combined with the city music influences, like rap.
    Photography:  Júlia Ribeiro – Model:  Christian Pablo /DXL Models.

    Thomas Branco
    NEXUS – A reinterpretation of the classic masculine through the use of the shapes of the Asian costume, with sustainability. Appreciation for the top materials and the sustainable/fair processes, creating comfort, minimalism and sophistication.
    Photography:  Rui Teixeira Alves – Model: Christian Pablo/DXL Models.

    Sara Vidinha
    LOS OLVIDADOS – an homage to the Latin culture in the USA (community originated from Mexico), the collection is urban and revolutionary: it has a purpose, a social impact message.
    Photography: Júlia Ribeiro – Model: Christian Pablo /DXL Models.

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